Bacon Bazookas! Bacon Buns! Cheeseburger Towers!

flying pigs

And Pigs Will Fly!

What could be more inspiring than this? Well, how about someone setting THIS down on a table in front of you?

9 patty mega burger

It certainly appears that somebody has quite the appetite today…but, as usual, there are people around the world today who are doing things to burgers – and bacon – that will either make you laugh or cry….let’s get to the bigness of it all!


And remember: if you need some help getting your bacon to the right people, here’s an enterprising young man who has just the solution: the bacon bazooka!


Let’s begin first with something a bit more palatable:

The Cheeseburger Tower!

Fast food chains in Japan have always been at the forefront of bigness: I mean, who else but the Japanese thought of doing THIS?

supersized cheeseburgers

Say Hello To The Burger Masters At Lotteria!

There is a chain of restaurants in Japan called Lotteria, and they have always had a thing for big burgers…look at this ad:

lotteria burger ad

In the past, Lotteria has brought us five-patty burgers, seven-patty burgers, and now – get ready for it, they have unleashed the nine-patty burger!


And They’ve Got The Fork To Prove It!

According to “A Hamburger Today”: “Lotteria is releasing this limited-time cheeseburger tower to promote the Blu-Ray and DVD release of Evangelion: Q. As for what nonuple-patty burgers have to do with it, the letter Q sounds like the number nine in Japanese, kyuu. The “Q Level Burger,” along with a two-pronged “Spear of Longinus” fork, can be yours for ¥1,280 (about $12.90) from April 24 to May 31.”

lotteria burger ad

Well, how can you argue with that? Not to be outdone, the “Dude Food” guys have come up with a little something for you as well:

The Bun-Less Double Bacon Cheesebun Cheeseburger!


Here what they have to say: “Last month, Nick of made a 100 percent cheese grilled cheese sandwich by replacing the bread with bread cheese.

Bread Bacon Cheeseburger

This week he used the same idea in this bread cheese bacon double cheeseburger, but he didn’t just replace the buns with cheese; he replaced the buns with bread cheese grilled cheese sandwiches. So it’s like a double bacon cheeseburger bread cheese Fatty Melt…


In Nick’s words:

“For the top and bottom grilled cheese sandwiches I used the smoked bacon bread cheese—or Brun-uusto as they call it—from Brunkow Cheese. The middle grilled cheese once again consisted of the same Carr Valley bread cheese that I used for my original sandwich. Rounding things out were two 1/3 pound ground beef patties—also topped with cheese—and a total of six slices of bacon.”


And It Packs A Caloric Punch!

According to the story, one of Nick’s friend calculated that this cheese-n-beef-n-bacon tower packs in 4,300 calories.

Read the entire story of the dude food adventure here:

Bread Bacon Cheeseburger

Thanks as always to the great burger site “A Hamburger Today” for highlighting these burger stories – check it out for the latest burger news and reviews!

Bacon bazooka

And Finally…The Bacon Bazooka!

Yes, someone has taken the time to create a bacon bazooka – and you can experience it right here:

bacon bazooka

Keeping alive its semi-annual Bacon Day tradition of building freaking ridiculous weapons out of bacon, “This Is Freaking Ridiculous” constructed a 3-foot-long battery-operated bacon-encased BA-Zooka “capable of launching model rockets and summer sausages.”


But of course…I guess i’ll believe in this the day that pigs can fly…oh wait…

flying pigs

Get More Bacon!

If you want to read even more about bacon, just go to my blog and search “bacon”…you will be amazed – and perhaps a bit frightened – by what you will find! Thanks for reading, and leave a comment – bacon thanks you!

BACON - Huge Pile of Bacon

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