National Bacon Day! Recipes AND Bacon Bikinis Too!

Time To Celebrate Bacon!

national bacon day

If this image makes your mouth water…and of course it does, IT’S BACON! Then, you will also LOVE this as well:


There’s not a burger in the world that isn’t enhanced by the delicious flavor of bacon! And why stop at one slice?

Why not make the world’s tallest bacon sandwich?

world's largest bacon sandwich

National Bacon Day – Time To Celebrate!

It’s time to say a big “THANK YOU” for all that bacon has done for us…and since it’s national bacon day, just click on the link for more great bacon images – great bacon recipes, and more!

Yes, Sara Underwood put on a bacon bikini for a shoot once – and what better day to says thanks to her!

sara underwood bacon bikini

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