Bob’s Big Boy! Inside Burbank’s Iconic Diner! Bite Down On My Burger Review! Bob’s Exotic Car Showplace!

Welcome To Bob’s Big Boy In Burbank California!

This 70-foot sign welcomes you to Burbank’s most iconic landmark – the classic Bob’s Big Boy – an iconic fixture since 1949!

I had the chance to cruise the San Fernando Valley, just north of Hollywood, and there are several iconic locations you come across, including this one:

This classic sign welcomes you to a great vintage diner, which serves up a “big boy” burger! As their website states:

“Bob’s Big Boy, Burbank is a magnificent example of the emerging California coffee shop style that exploded in Los Angeles in the 1950’s. Built in 1949, the structure is dramatically related to World Fair pavilions of the pre-war period by its long, low, horizontal roof line and wide canopies.”


This diner, with the vintage sign and of course iconic statue, was honored in 1993, receiving the designation as a “STATE POINT OF HISTORICAL INTEREST” by the state of California. 

Inside, you can see that the 50’s style decor is still there – in fact, enhanced to remind you of just how cool and retro this place is:

Time To Bite Into The Big Boy!

It was at this counter that I took a seat and ordered the Bob’s Big Boy Burger.

As the menu states, it’s a double-deck hamburger with two “never frozen” patties, lettuce, cheese, may and their special red relish – the price? $10.99.

I got mine with a side of fries, because how can you not? Here’s what showed up:

Everything is made to order, so it took about ten minutes – and because of that, it shows up juicy, with the cheese perfectly melted, and nice thick slices of tomato, onion and very green lettuce…

Sure, like everyone in Hollywood, it’s sports a great look, but as they say, it may look good, but how does it taste?

I am the first to admit that a burger, when done right, should taste like a burger – unless there is special seasoning, I expect the meat to taste like good ground beef, and this does – and not overcooked! The toppings should be balanced, so you can taste each one – and I got that as well…the secret sauce was somewhat of a thousand island taste, but very subtle – in fact, what I really enjoyed about this burger was the fact that I could taste all of the elements without anything overpowering the taste of meat!

It’s very filling, the fries were straightforward but flavorful, the service was great, and the atmosphere, well, it was classic diner and what could be better?

Bring Out The Vintage Cars!

Well, Bob’s ups the ante on atmosphere in a great way! Every Friday night, the parking lot at Bob’s is filled with vintage cars – and is filled with collectors who like to drive in and showcase their classic automobiles – the best part is it’s open to everyone to see and enjoy!

Bob’s Big Boy is a classic slice of San Fernando Valley charm, really worth a visit! When you are there, don’t forget about this iconic location nearby:

Burbank’s Safari Inn is another classic location to visit when in the valley, check out my story here:

If you like burgers as I do, then you are always on the lookout for classic diners and new classics as well:

Bite Down On A “Smoke Stack!”

I did, and reviewed this burger from America’s fastest growing Burger Joint.

Read all about my review here:

I also try to make burgers at home – sometimes in a very unique way, like when I “oopsied!”

Yes, that’s what they call this “cloud bread” – here is the recipe!

And all the way on the other coast, I ate this:

This incredible cooking process was fascinating to watch and of course eat as here to see what makes it so special:

And Taylor’s Refresher from Napa Valley would also like to weigh in:

Taylors Refresher

Here is my review of Napa’s legendary hamburger stand, as well as the story behind their epic burger battle:

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6 replies

  1. we still have a few big boys here, but far and few between, and not cool and retro. I took 2 of my grandchildren there recently when they saw a sign and asked, ‘what is that?’ most of the food is still the same, though on a much smaller scale and not as good as I remembered it, but most food is not when you revisit it –

  2. I would happily join you for that tasty burger at Bob’s Big Boy. I love the retro interior too!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Hi John, this looks like a great place to visit. My boys would love those burgers and I would love the vintage cars.

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