Pie One On! “Making Pies From “Waitress” – Recipes And KELLY CLARKSON Too!

Let’s Bake A “I Don’t Want Earl’s Baby Pie” With “Waitress”! 

Have I got a delicious “Cult Movie Monday” for you!

How could you not love this tasty romantic comedy from 2007, when Keri Russell cooked up a storm to fight against her unhappy marriage.

Here is the trailer for “Waitress”:

This Waitress bakes away her unhappiness with great pie recipes like this one:


Of course, things take a dramatic turn when Nathan Fillion enters her life.

This is a great romantic comedy/drama with a sad story attached.

This movie was overshadowed by the tragic death of Director Adrienne Shelly, shown here on the right as the shy Waitress who finally meets her man. “Waitress” was her directorial debut and she did a terrific job, as did Cheryl Hines as the feisty Waitress who helps Keri Russell stand up to her abusive husband, and find true love along the way…

Keri and Nathan are terrific in this great slice of life romantic comedy, which features a ton of great new pies baked or referenced in the film…such as the “Earl Murders Me Because I’m Having An Affair” pie, or the “I Hate My Husband” pie…

Keri really shows her acting range after her baby is born, and the pies all begin to be about her…as she sings to her newborn baby:

“Baby don’t you cry, gonna make a pie, gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle, Baby don’t be blue, gonna make for you, gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle, gonna make a pie from heaven above, gonna be filled with strawberry love…”

Also, thanks to the website “techlifeweb” for posting this list of all the pies from the movie…

Here are all of the Pies from “Waitress”:

Pie #1: Blue Plate Special I DON’T WANT EARL’S BABY PIE or BAD BABY PIE – Quiche with egg and brie cheese with a smoked ham center (later referred to as BAD BABY QUICHE PIE by old Joe)

Pie #2: KICK IN THE PANTS PIE – Cinnamon spice custard (Today’s Special)

Pie #3: I HATE MY HUSBAND PIE – “You make it with bittersweet chocolate and don’t sweeten it. You make it into a pudding and drown it in caramel …”

Pie #4: SPAGHETTI PIE – has at home with husband

Pie #5: MARSHMELLOW MERMAID PIE – From when she was in her mermaid stage. Pie made for Dr. Mueller, and given later in the appointment to Dr. Pomatter. “Biblically good!”

Here’s the recipe to make this one yourself:

Let’s continue on with more from the film:


Pie #7: BABY SCREAMING IT’S HEAD OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND RUINING MY LIFE PIE – New York-style cheesecake, brandy brushed and topped with pecans and nutmeg

Pie #8: PEACHY KEEN TARTS – made for Dr. Pomatter

Pie #9: EARL MURDERS ME BECAUSE I’M HAVING AN AFFAIR PIE – “You smash blackberries and raspberries into a chocolate crust.”

Pie #10: I CAN’T HAVE NO AFFAIR BECAUSE IT’S WRONG AND I DON’T WANT EARL TO KILL ME PIE – “Vanilla custard with banana. Hold the banana …”

Pie #11: SPANISH DANCER PIE WITH POTATO CRUST – Joe orders at the Diner

Pie #12: NAUGHTY PUMPKIN PIE – brought to appointment for Dr. Pomatter, but unexpectedly with Dr. Mueller. Dr. Pomatter unexpectedly out of town with wife

Pie #13: STRAWBERRY CHOCOLATE OASIS PIE – After Joe orders this one and Jenna tells him that it’s just a pie: “Just a pie! It’s downright expert. A thing’a beauty … how each flavor opens itself, one by one, like a chapter in a book. First, the flavor of an exotic spice hits ya … Just a hint of it … and then you get flooded with chocolate, dark and bittersweet like an old love affair …” – Joe

Pie #14: PREGNANT MISERABLE SELF PITYING LOSER PIE – “Lumpy oatmeal with fruitcake mashed in. Flambéed of course …”

Pie #15: LONELY CHICAGO PIE – Teaches Dr. Pomatter how to make this one

Pies #16 & #17: CAR RADIO PIE and JENNA’S FIRST KISS PIE – These are pies Jenna’s mom used to make that she fondly remembers.

Pie #18: OLD JOE’S HORNY PIE – Jenna states she is going to invent after a saucy story from Old Joe.

Now that you have the whole list, let’s make this one!

“I Don’t Want Earl’s Baby Pie” Recipe!

1 pie crust
4 Tbs. butter
3 slices ham
8 green onions
1 C. brie cheese
1 C. parmesan cheese, grated
4 eggs
2 C. heavy cream
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cover pie crust with foil and bake for 10 minutes. Remove foil and bake 5 minutes more. Remove crust and reduce heat to 325 degrees. Julienne ham.

Chop green onions. In skillet, saute ham until brown. Remove and set aside. Saute onion until tender.

Remove with slotted spoon and combine with ham. Spread on bottom of pie crust. Spread brie over ham mixture and sprinkle with parmesan.

Combine eggs, cream and nutmeg; pour over cheese. Bake 30 minutes or until set. Cool slightly, cut into wedges and serve.

Well, this looks delicious to me – a much more delicious creation than Earl deserves, that’s for sure!

This post was originally part of my “dinner and a movie” series which I share on my main blog, and if you want to be charmed with another “dinner and a movie” that celebrates the love of food, hang out with Remy!

The film “Ratatouille” is worth watching as you eat the legendary french dish – see the recipe and how I prepared it here:

As promised, this food post comes with a special KELLY CLARKSON performance!

Members of the Broadway cast of “Waitress The musical” asked Kelly to sing the gorgeous ballad “She Used To Be Mine” from the show, which recently closed…here is her gorgeous rendition:

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