Chicago’s Delicious Burger Battle! BIG BIG BIG Vs. BAGGED!

Question: Do you prefer a burger that is BIG:

Kumas burgers Chicago

Or do you enjoy a burger that offers up a simpler pleasure – IN A BAG:

Chicago's best burger joints

It’s a question I pondered on a beautiful afternoon in a town that loves a good burger…

Chicago tourism 2014

Welcome To Chicago!

When the weather is nice, Chicago is really one of the most beautiful cities in the world…and it is a “food loving” town as well! I mean, how many places offer up something like THIS!

John Rieber Frosted Flake Chicken Sandwich

Yes, Badhappy’s Frosted Flake Burger was a joy to hold and consume, but sadly that Poutine palace is no longer open….however, there are plenty of places to enjoy a great burger in Chicago, so I set out to try two of them – offering wildly different experiences….

30000 calorie burger

A Tale Of Two Burgers!

As you know, I love burgers. But a “monster” like the one you see above is a food challenge I can’t undertake that often…while a “simpler” burger, like the classic “Dick’s Cheeseburger” in Seattle, is a tasty treasure almost any day…

Dicks Cheeseburger

With that in mind, I set out to sample two very different types of burgers in Chicago…one that arrives with a “heavy metal” attitude, and one that comes wrapped up in a brown bag…

Kumas Too Chicago

Kuma’s Rocks!

Kuma’s Corner was just voted the best burger in Chicago, and one of the best in the country…I frequent the Kuma’s offshoot on Diversey and Clark….featuring the same menu and attitude – a heavy metal soundtrack greets you as you peruse such offerings as “The Slayer”, “Black Sabbath” and “Lair Of The Minotaur”….but I settled on:


Neurosis burger

Don’t EVER show up at Kuma’s without an appetite for adventure, because these burgers fill a plate and more! Here’s a look at what “Neurosis” offers you:

Kumas burgers Chicago

It all begins with a half pound of fresh ground beef – and then comes the Horseradish Mayo, Sharp Cheddar, Swiss, Caramelized Onion, Sauteed Mushrooms, Lettuce, Tomato, and some fresh Onion to finish it off…


The “Neurosis” burger is big, messy fun! Even with so many ingredients, each one has its moment to shine – IF you can get your mouth around the thing! “Neurosis” is one big bite!

best burger recipes

Kuma’s has multiple offerings as well as a daily special – and all of them are heavy metal themed to go along with the soundtrack that plays while you eat: if you love the band Slayer you will be at home here!

world's best burgers

More on Kuma’s “Slayer” in a moment, but as much as I love a BIG BIG burger, I also wanted to try something a bit more MANAGEABLE…

Mad Max To The Rescue!

Max's Loop

Chicago’s famous downtown “Loop” offers a ton of “take out” joints that give you a simple burger and nothing more…and one of the most famous is “Max’s Take Out” on Wabash and Adams…

Chicago Loop burgers

The menu is surprisingly large: you can order pasta with your burgers and hot dogs, and there are a dozen different ways to order a burger, like one with pastrami, or their famous “Halal” Gyro burger:


The Chicago Dog!

And of course, Max’s offers the classic Chicago hot dog, with pickle wedges, celery salt and tomato…and NO KETCHUP allowed!


Burger In A Bag!

But the real joy at Max’s is that, when you get your food, it comes ready to take away – or sit at their small counter – in a bag!

Chicago's best burgers

It’s a return to a simpler time…and when you unwrap the burger from it’s silver wrapper, you get a burger that has two thin patties, cheese, mayo, ketchup, mustard, onion, tomato and lettuce…

Max's double cheeseburger

A nice bag of thick cut french fries are a requirement to order as well…and they have an area setup with seasoning to try on your fires…I went with vinegar salt…

Max's takeout fries

The burger at Max’s taste EXACTLY the way a burger should taste: a nice blend of meat and condiments, with room for ALL of them at one tim win your mouth! Max’s is renowned for their double cheeseburgers, and this one didn’t disappoint – it offers the simple pleasure of a well prepared “take out” burger:

Max's double cheeseburger

Big Vs. Bag!

When all is said and done, which is better; big or bag? Of course, the answer is easy: BOTH!

Some days I just don’t want a burger that is too big to eat:


And then there are days when THIS may be a bit too straightforward for me:

Max's double cheeseburger

It’s really about my mood: and when you go to a great burger joint, there will always be options!

The Slayer Kumas Too

“The Slayer!”

Back to “The Slayer”…As you saw, “Neurosis” is one of Kuma’s BIG burgers, but it’s just one of the amazing “monster burgers” that they have in store for you…but nothing is as big as “The Slayer!” if you think you have what it takes to take it on, then click on my story here to see what’s in store for you!

And let me know if you like your burgers BIG or in a BAG!

Kumas Burger

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