Lunch On Top Of The Eiffel Tower! Paris Tastes Great From Above!

Where do I feel like having lunch today? What about:

The Eiffel Tower!

Paris Eiffel Tower

It is, of course, one of the greatest structures ever made – and one of the best places to visit when you are in Paris – here are two great reasons!

The View!
First, how can you beat this view from the second level of the Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Tower view from Jule Verne restaurant

Second, The Jules Verne Restaurant!

As you look up at the beautiful Eiffel tower, note the second level. That is the main viewing deck – and it is ALSO the Michelin 2-star Jules Verne restaurant that sits right on top of it!

Eiffel Tower Paris restaurants

Paris Jules Verne restaurant

How Do You Get To The Restaurant?

The great thing about eating at Jules Verne is you take a private elevator to the restaurant, and therefore you can avoid the long lines that form to get to the observation deck!

Paris Eiffel Tower secrets

And yes, when you go to the Jules Verne restaurant, you go straight up the middle of the tower!

Eiffel tower Jules Verne

As you get ready to board, you notice that it looks like you are about to go on a roller coaster!

Eiffel Tower Paris travel secrets

And as you rise, you see the iconic steel beams going by…

Eiffel Tower secrets

And then you arrive – and Jules Verne is a very beautiful restaurant – very formal and classy…and yes, expensive as well, but the food is terrific – and I am about to show you…here is Alex as we waited for a glass of champagne…

Jules Verne restaurant Paris travel

Our table was right against the window – because of the structure of the tower, you will see steel beams outside, but there are plenty of great views of Paris from your table:

Eiffel Tower travel secrets

You literally are gazing down on the most beautiful city in the world!

Eiffel Tower Paris observation deck

As you can see from the picture above, just below where we ate lunch is the observation deck – for me, that is why Jules Verne is such a good idea – you see everything from inside with great food to boot!

Time to check out the menu – Jules Verne is one of acclaimed French Chef Alain Ducasse’s restaurants, so the food is imaginatively prepared and beautiful to look at – and, as you can see, pricey:

Jules Verne restaurant menu

The “Amuse Bouche”:

After champagne, we were brought a great starter:

Jules Verne amuse bouche pea dish

Jules Verne Paris amuse bouche peas

Then it was onto our appetizers:

I started with crab and minutely diced vegetables, topped with a touch of crunchy marinated turnip…

Jules Verne crab dish paris

Here was Alex’s appetizer – butter-poached langoustines topped with a tempura french bean and diced vegetables:

Jules Verne restaurant langoustine

Jules Verne Paris menu

As great as the food tasted, and as you can see it was also immaculately presented – we kept looking back outside at the amazing Paris skyline!

classic Paris Architecture

And here is a closer view of the iconic Paris architecture…the classic french look of the buildings below…

Eiffel Tower view of Paris from Jules Verne

Now onto our main course – Alex had turbot that was poached inside a cabbage leaf, served atop a “cookpot” of root vegetables – and topped with caviar:

Jules Verne main dish with caviar

Alex made sure we documented all of our courses:

Jules Verne restaurant Alex Duda Paris

I had roasted quail with fava beans and fresh baby lettuce:

Jules Verne Paris lamb main course

Jules Verne Paris two star restaurant lamb dish

Here’s another view from out table as we readied ourselves for dessert!

Eiffel Tower view from Jule Verne restaurant

Alex had a pistachio cake topped with fresh raspberries, slices of fresh coconut – and gold flake!

Jules Verne gold flake dessert

Jules Verne Paris gold flake fruit

I had their version of a pineapple upside down cake with almond ice cream and fresh sliced coconut…

Jules Verne dessert Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower view of Paris from Jules Verne

You can also see the Basilica of Sacre Coeur in the distance…

best Paris views

Finally done, it was just a matter of finishing our wine!

Eiffel Tower Jules Verne restaurant Alex Duda

John Rieber Alex Duda

And then we stepped outside, and went down a small flight of private stairs, and we walked around the entire tower, getting additional shots of the city…

Paris iconic architecture

We made sure to take a lot of pictures while we were on the main observation deck:

Alex Duda Eiffel Tower

It’s also a great view of the Seine, flowing through Paris…

Paris Seine river

best paris views

Eiffel Tower view of Paris

Paris vacation Alex duda John Rieber

After we finished taking our pictures, we headed back up to the restaurant for coffee – and one more look at the view…this really is the best way, in my opinion, to see the city of Paris from the Eiffel Tower…

lunch view at jules verne

This was our second time eating at Jules Verne, and it is well worth the cost…a great way to see Paris and have a great meal at the same time!

Eiffel Tower Jules VErne Restaurant from ground

Eiffel Tower Paris travel secrets

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  1. Wonderful classic Parisian style ! And on top of Tour Eiffel waits the cool Bar Champagne…

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