World’s Wildest Vending Machine Food! EXCLUSIVE Mashed Potato Video!

Time to head back to Tokyo – and check out the latest in vending machines!

As you know, they LOVE their vending machines in Tokyo – here is my friend Alex Sim-Wise perusing her selection on the streets of Tokyo…


On every corner, usually clusters of machines – all ready to take care of your hunger, thirst – or need for a car….

It is time to celebrate some of the more “unique” items you can buy with a quarter!


Tokyo’s Intuitive Vending Machine!

When the G4 team was in Tokyo in 2010, we checked out this machine – you put in your money and the machine “looks” at you – then recommends what you need – like water, or vitamin water, or medical care…seriously, it told me to get a vitamin water…instead I got COFFEE JELLY!


Imagine a jello-like consistency for your iced coffee – that’s what this is – it was pretty good too!

You will find vending machines EVERYWHERE in Japan…but now Singapore is getting into the action!

Singapore’s Mashed Potato Vending Machine!

Taking a walk and suddenly you get the urge for some mashed potatoes? Worry no more! Here are the easy directions:

1. Place the cup under the nozzle.

2. Press the “Mashed Potatoes” button once.

3. Chicken gravy will be dispensed after 2 seconds.

4. Enjoy your mashed potatoes.

Enjoy! Singapore and Tokyo aren’t the only Asian cities getting in on the vending machine craze…

“Hairy Crabs!”

Fork in the Road Beijing correspondent Lillian Chou wrote about a new Chinese vending machine that dispensed hairy crabs – I guess it beats going to a supermarket…me, I like my vending machine food HOT and crunchy!

French Fry Vending Machine!

You can never go wrong with a quick fix of french fries…now imagine: instead of going to a vending machine, it comes to you!

Vending Machine Robot!

Wouldn’t you love it if this guy knocked on your door and dispensed for you? Not really happening yet, but let’s keep our eyes on this one…I mean, after all, look at what they’re dispensing now:


Not only stupid, but so so wrong…still, any city that offers this architecture is capable of anything…

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