Dick’s Drive-In! Where Burgers Rule! Burger Week Continues!

National burger week celebrates in my home town of Seattle with a classic, simple favorite!


Dick’s Drive-In in Seattle is an iconic burger institution.

They make hamburgers and cheeseburgers, wrapped tightly and economically like so:

They are simple, sure, but they TASTE GREAT! Bite down hard on one and see for yourself!

They are also a great local business, and have always supported the community, like this terrific idea:

Seattle-area chain Dick’s Drive-In celebrates the graduation season every year with a free cheeseburger or hamburger to any high school or college graduate who shows up at any Dick’s Drive-In in their cap and gown!

Kudo’s To Dick’s!

It’s a great offer: every spring a free burger to anyone who graduates – nice! Free is a great price, but you can also buy yourself a delicious Dick’s Special:

Here’s how the special differs from the regular cheeseburger: you forego the cheese, ketchup and mustard and go for mayo and lettuce…tasty!

While you line up to order, imagine what you might enjoy…the menu is simple: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, specials and the deluxe, which puts on double the meat…


And don’t forget the fresh-cut fries, skins on for extra flavor…

I always opt for the small cup of tartar sauce for a nickel to drag these baby’s through….

There you have it, a great local burger joint – they have at least a half dozen scattered throughout the Seattle area, and I drop in whenever I am up north…I love their food!

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