It’s National Burger Week! Here Are 7 Burgers To Celebrate!

It’s National Burger Week!

national burger week

Yes, it’s a week long celebration of all things stuck between a bun! To honor burger week, here are my 7 favorite burgers, and they are all wacky, bizarre and delicious!

Here you go – get ready to bite down hard!

#7 – The “Okonomiyaki Burger!”

okonomiyaki wackiest-burgers

Yes, we begin in Japan, because, let’s be honest, they are going “burger crazy” right now! Why not start with the “okonomiyaki burger”…don’t know what that is? Just click here for the whole story!

Don’t need a ramen bun? Well, how about one that is pure joy – PURE BACON!

best burgers in the world

#6 – The “Bacon Weave” Burger!

Yes, someone has invented the “bacon bun” – and not only that, they have an “all bacon” bacon burger as well! It’s just one of many new burger creations, and you can see them all by clicking here:

And if you want something delicious but oh so simple, try this masterpiece:

Wasabi Avocado burgers

#5 – The “Wasabi Avocado Slider!”

I love this burger so much! It’s a slider that utilizes just a few key ingredients: bun, burger, wasabi mayonaise and fresh avocado – it’s delicious, and just one of a many slider recipes you can see by clicking here:

And if you were saying to yourself, “hey, why isn’t there more seafood on my burger?” Well, I have the answer:

world's best burgers lobster burger

#4 – The “Lobster Burger!”

Yes, there are places in the world that are more advanced than we are – they are making “lobster burgers!” I love this idea, and if you do too, then click on the whole story here:

And if you love garlic, and I mean LOVE GARLIC, then you MUST try this beast:

world's best burgers

#3 – The “Garlic Meat Beast!”

Yes, it’s a supersized burger with a ton of garlic added…how can this be bad for anyone? If you like the sound of this, click on the link to see the entire story:

Now that you’ve eatern the “Garlic Meat Beast” and are most likely sitting alone, are you ready to “get slayed?”


#2 – “The Slayer” From Kuma’s Too!

Kuma’s in Chicago was just chosen “best burger” in town, and this could be one reason:” a mega plate of goodness that is too big to pick up! If you want to see what’s on this baby, click here:

I love Kuma’s, but to me, the best burger right now is courtesy of my friends at BadHappy Poutine in Chicago:

#1 – The “Chik-Fil-E” Burger From Badhappy!


Yep, it’s a burger TOPPED with fried chicken, an egg, melted gruyere cheese…AND FROSTED FLAKES!

If you need to see this – and you do, click on here:

Leave a comment and tell me which one you like best!


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