Hot Ginger Ale! Japan’s New Food Fad!

“Heat Us Up A Drink, Will Ya?”

There are many reasons to love the Japanese…and here is another one!


Yes, our friends in Japan are at it again – revolutionizing the world of food, drink – and iphones!

Yes, there is breaking soda news to share!

Coca Cola has just announced a HOT Canada Dry Ginger Ale, featuring technology to keep the carbonation from being affected when heating up the drink. The drink also features a new recipe that cranks up the ginger and other spices to better suit the cold fall and winter months.

The new drink will run 120 yen (US$1.20) and goes on sale October 21…

More Hot Drinks From Japan!

wacky japanese products

Not to be out-done, the Kirin drinks company has unveiled a new HOT version of its popular carbonated drink, Kirin no Awa.

The regular, chilled version of the drink has a cider-like flavor…but, since Japan is all about new and wacky, you can also get it HOT!

Don’t Forget The Coffee Jelly!

Coffee Jelly

I posted about my trip to Tokyo when my entire group went a bit mental at the sight of “coffee jelly”….not a hot beverage, but a very unique one…as well as all of those unique vending machines…including Corrado, who absolutely fell in love with them….

tokyo vending machine

The COLD coffee jelly was indeed different…and yes, I bought some…it was like sucking down coffee-flavored jello…so I did what you ALWAYS do with jello: I sucked it through my teeth…

John Rieber and coffee jelly

Here is a link to other wacky vending machine items you can get in Japan, like hairy crabs and viagra, along with GOLD:

Vending Machine Disguise

And of course, above you see a row of vending machines, including one that is, in fact, a vending machine disguise….see the shoes at the bottom?


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