America’s Ramen Burger Mania! Fast Food Fad From Japan!

Look At This 4 Hour Line!

ramen burgers

It’s official: LA has gone ramen burger crazy! These folks lined up for four hours to try one of these:


Ramen Burgers!

That’s right – it’s a burger that uses ramen noodles as the bun! And it’s the hottest food trend in the US right now! Except what you are looking at isn’t from LA – or Brooklyn, where lines have formed for weeks to sample this new delicacy in the world of fast food:

ramen burgers

These folks are enjoying what the Japanese have enjoyed for months: because the classic japanese fast food restaurant Lotteria has been serving ramen burgers for awhile now, and here is what they look like!


To read all about the original, and to see video of one being made, click on this link!

And here is Eater’s story about the four hour waits in LA for this new food fad!

Remember, Japan did it first, so let me know what you think of this latest food fad!


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  1. I want one – BUT – I do not want to wait in line for 4 hours. I didn’t even do that for an iPhone.

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