Goodfellas Gravy And Meatballs! “Dinner In A Movie!”

Careful There, Paulie!

goodfellas garlic

As you can see, Paul Sorvino is being VERY CAREFUL as he slices his garlic…he needs to make sure that it’s:

“Goodfellas Thin!”

goodfellas garlic recipe

Dinners In A Movie!

Time for another edition of “Dinners In A Movie”, where you cook up the main dish that is made in a classic film, then watch the movie! This time, we take you to the dangerous world of “Goodfellas”…the real life story of mobster Henry Hill…

goodfellas best gangster film

It’s one of the best movies ever made, with a stellar cast that included a cameo from Director Martin Scorsese’s Mom Catherine – over a meal of course!

catherine scorsese cooking

While a few of the gang are serving time in prison, they share their recipe for the perfect Sunday gravy with meatballs…click here for the recipe and clip from the film!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

Goodfellas movie food

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