When Is National Hot Dog Day? Am I A Day Late Or A Spiraled Dog Long?

Celebrating The Hot Dog In All Its Glory!

Many people celebrated National Hot Dog Day yesterday, but I have Wednesday, July 22 as National Hot Dog Day – either way, July is National Hot Dog Month. And yes, we all find our own unique way to celebrate:

Time To Celebrate National Hot Dog Day 2022!

While this may not be a legal holiday, I think we all need this day of celebration – and what better way to get started than by celebrating hot dog excess!

dan-abbate-guiness hot dog

If You Can Make A Hot Dog, Why Not The World’s Largest?

Yes, a guy named Dan Abbate created the world’s largest hot dog, as confirmed by the Guiness Book Of World Records..but others have tried as well, even the iconic Martha Stewart:

Listen, I’m going to get a bit silly right now, but it’s not hard to do – the internet is full of funny hot dog pictures like these:

And did you know that we are NOT the only country that loves a hot dog…look at this chart!

japanese-hot-dog chart

Yes, the Japanese love their hot dogs as well.

Here are my five favorite hot dogs, and the stories I have posted about them:

national hot dog day

#5 – A Krispy Kreme Dog!

Krispy Kreme is beloved for their SWEET SWEET SWEET doughnuts, so why not wrap one of them around a hot dog – and don’t forget the bacon!

baseball krispy kreme hot dog

Sure it’s all kind of wrong, but when it comes to a hot dog, why do you wanna be right?

Now, if you are going to enjoy a hot dog, I say go “ALL-IN” and really do it right, like this!

#4 – Behold The “Hamdog!”

That’s right, it’s a hot dog – but so much more, because it’s a hamburger as well! How could someone come up with this? More importantly, how could they NOT?

This is all kinds of funny, and #4 on my list of great hot dog moments….see the whole recipe here:

Time to move on to an amazing inventive use of a hot dog. Many consider this to be some sort of sick joke, but I think it is the coolest cooking idea EVER – spahetti-infused hot dogs!

spaghetti hot dogs

#3 – Not Just For Kids – The “Spaghetti-Infused” Hot Dog!

Come on, if you were a kid – or a kid at heart – you would LOVE this! I love inventive use of everyday food, and you can see how it is done by clicking here:

If you REALLY want to abuse your faith in the traditional hot dog, then how about THIS!

bacon mac and cheese hot dog

#2 – A Bacon Mac’n’Cheese Hot Dog!

Yes, it’s a “Bacon Mac’n’Cheese Hot Dog”, and who wouldn’t want this? Nad what about this national treasure: Col. Sanders!

KFC achieved fast food notoriety with their infamous “Double down” chicken sandwich, with two chicken patties instead of buns!

KFC double down burger

Well, they couldn’t stop there: Col. Sanders just might be turning over in his imaginary grave after seeing:

#1 – “The Double Down Hot Dog!”

double-down dog kfc

So what they have done is to find a way to “wrap” a piece of fried chicken around a hot dog! And people ate it!

If you can stomach it, click to see more of the “Double Down Hot Dog!”

Now that I’ve shared my top five, let’s bite down a little deeper, like this:

I went to Seoul South Korea and saw them wrapped in bacon and sold in a sweet’n’spicy sauce, and also covered with french fries:

best hot dog recipes

The Krinkle Cut French Fry Hot Dog On A Stick!

Yes, this is a real thing, and I ate it, of course!

Click on my link to see more South Korean hot dog mayhem, like the “Crinkle Cut French Fry Corn Dog”, by clicking here:

To me, there nothing you can do to a Hot Dog that a Hot Dog can’t handled:

That’s why “Mustard Hot Dog Ice Cream” is a thing I would do – would you? Click here to see the recipe:

You can sign up by clicking on my blog’s main page here and see the note on the right!

Oh, and who wants a “spiralized hot dog?”

We all do!

There is nothing more fascinating to me than to see people take a favorite like a hot dog and do creative things with it:

Yes, It’s A “Hot Dog Pie!”

It’s real! So click here to see who did this and why:

If you love this, know that my “all food all the time” website has stuff like this and more:

Food good enough for Keanu Reeves, Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson!

Click here to see the Paris restaurant used for the great comedy “Something’s Gotta Give!”

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