Are You Ready To Climb “Lobster Mountain?” Check Out This Towering Seafood Achievement!

Ready To Dig Into Some Lobster? Lots And Lots Of Lobster?

I found this picture online and had to find out what was going on – and since “Bite! Eat! Repeat” cares about ALL things food, I had to head to the famous Fishman Clubhouse Restaurant in Toronto to see some of the most amazing towers of seafood in the world!

Seafood Towers “Bizarre” Enough For Andrew Zimmern!

Yes, The Travel Channel Host showed up to try one of the restaurant’s signature seafood towers, and all across social media, you can find pictures of diners posing with their food – before and after!

It turns out, The Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant in Toronto is famous for making giant towers of seafood: and people can’t wait to post pictures with their dishes…not only that, video too!

Here is the video of a $662 Lobster Tower being delivered to the table!

The menu offers many ways to eat these incredible towers, and clearly it’s better to bring a lot of hungry friends.

Don’t worry, if your taste is more for crab – guess what?

They’ve got a tower for you too!

I will find a way to convince my wife Alex to make the journey to Toronto for this – I would love this!

If you follow this blog, you know I’ve posted about towers of food before:

Remember the fried shrimp tower? Not only do they sell it in Japan, I found someone who ate one!

See him take it on here:

Remember that my “52 In 22” cooking challenge used Lobster as well:

Oh, and it was a THREE DAY PROCESS!

Click here for the recipe – and why it took so Lon g to make!

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5 replies

  1. Wow…Once again you have amazed me that looks awesome, John but 3 pieces of that and I’d be done that is so much food…:) x

  2. Hi John, what an amazing lobster mountain. I do like lobster but not quite as much as this. I’d have to take a few friends along.


  1. Monday Musing’s…11th April 2022…CODA, a Human Library, a Monster Lobster Mountain and “Imagine” by Julian Lennon… | Retired? No one told me!

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