Have You Seen This Edible “Tastee Tape”? This Delicious Invention Keeps Your Burrito Filling Inside Your Shell!

Talk About Tasty News To Share!

Here’s a delicious story of enterprising young women who come up with a tasty way to make a better burrito!

As reported on the news:

“An all-woman team of Johns Hopkins University undergraduates presented a design for what they call Tastee Tape at an engineering school presentation earlier this month. The food-grade adhesive is meant to keep fillings in a burrito, taco, gyro or wrap. The student designers say the tape is edible, safe and strong, and can be used during cooking or consumption.”

Student Erin Walsh had the initial idea for Tastee Tape while brainstorming for a product design course, she said Tuesday. 

“One of my favorite foods is burritos and wraps. I’m a student-athlete, so I’m not looking to make a skimpy burrito. I’m really trying to fill it with substance, and so I would tend to get frustrated when I would be trying to wrap it and the contents would be getting everywhere,” she said. 

Walsh and fellow chemical and biomolecular engineering students Marie Eric, Tyler Guarino and Rachel Nie studied adhesives and worked on a prototype for the entire school year. 

Tastee Tape has no texture or taste, Nie said. The students made the tape in strips a half-inch to 2 inches wide, affixed to sheets of waxed paper. To use a strip, you pull it off the sheet, wet it to activate the adhesive and apply it. 

They declined to say what the tape is made of because they’re working with university officials to apply for a patent. 

The students said they aren’t sure if they’ll launch a startup to sell their product — they’re about to graduate and have jobs and graduate programs lined up. But they said they would be open to selling the patent down the line. 

“There’s nothing like this product on the market. We are the only edible tape,” Nie said. 

After seeing significant interest in Tastee Tape, Nie said she thinks there’s a larger lesson: “Never disregard silly ideas.”

Bravo again to these three – what a brilliant idea!

Now, until we have this on the market, perhaps you’ll make this as your burrito case to keep things from coming out:

Yes, it’s a “bacon weave!” That will do the trick and keep all of your delicious ingredients inside where they belong!

I have a friend who weaves bacon for BLT sandwiches and I love them!

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And of course, just a few days ago I shared this “Macau Meatloaf” that was encased in bacon:

It gave the Meatloaf just the right amount of salty deliciousness..click here to see how easy it was to make:

Have we explored every way to enjoy bacon?

Of course not!

I got plenty more to shove in your mouth – like this incredible “bacon mac’n’cheese recipe!

It delivers on every level of flavor – and if you need to go even wilder, what about this:

Yes, it’s a “double doughnut bacon cheeseburger!” – click here to see who did it:

Click here to sign up and see all of the fun food from around the world I share!


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Let me know if you are going to try this “tastee tape!”

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  1. We almost never eat those here. (Very few Mexican eateries) But the tape looks like a great idea.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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