Need A Bacon-Weave Burrito Recipe? Here It Is! The BEST “Bacon-Wrapped” Recipes!


Behold The Majesty Of A Bacon Weave!

Today I have all you need to know about cooking with bacon – when it’s wrapped around something else!

I have a close friend who mastered the art of the bacon weave, and so I tried to do it myself…take a look:

While I didn’t get it perfect, it shows how it is done, and here what’s you can make with a nice bacon “weave”:


As you can see, bacon is so much more than an ingredient: it’s now a wrapping!

And it can be used for anything from Turkeys to Oreos!

Yes, I have shared the recipe for a bacon-wrapped Turkey, and last Thanksgiving I did a weave!

I also showed you how country fairs are using it to wrap another iconic treat:

Of course I would eat one, would you? In fact, the use of bacon, whether as a wrap or a weave is a trend I heartily applaud!

Bacon Weave Taco

This “bacon weave taco” is a delicious way to go “south of the border”…and I also found this majestic breakfast item:

bacon weave breakfast

The Bacon Weave Breakfast Bowl!

You see how great that is? Thanks to “Baconology” for this masterpiece of the morning: Eggs, pancakes and more – all held in place by a beautiful bacon weave! And now, thanks to another great website, we have the ultimate in good taste:

bacon-weave-cheeseburger-burrito recipe

The Bacon Weave Cheeseburger Burrito!

The great website “” posted this recipe – go to their site to see all of the fun and fascinating stories they post all day every day!

Here is the “Thrillist” recipe, which they have on their website as well (the link follows the recipe):


1 1/2 pounds Oscar Mayer bacon (it’s the best for weaving)
2 handfuls frozen French fries
1 pound ground chuck
5 slices American cheese
3 tablespoons chopped red onion
1 pickle spear

how to weave bacon

Preheat oven to 425°F.
Line a baking sheet with foil and place a wire rack on it. Place 5 strips of bacon in an even layer on the rack. Place fries in an even layer on another baking sheet. Bake both until crispy, about 15 minutes.
Spread out a foot-long sheet of plastic wrap on the counter.


Make a 6×6-strip bacon weave (step-by-step instructions below if you’re a bacon-weave virgin).

Put beef in a gallon-size Ziploc bag and roll it out into a 1/4-inch thick, 10-inch square. With scissors, cut off the zipper closure and cut down the side seams, leaving just the bottom seam intact. 

Unfold the bag and layer on cheese, leaving a 1/2-inch bare on all edges except the top edge, which needs a couple inches. On the bottom third, pile cooked bacon, fries, onion, and pickle. Pull the bottom edge of the Ziploc bag up and over all the filling and roll into a tight log. Tuck the ends in.

bacon weave recipes

Pick up the meat log using the bag and roll it off onto the bacon weave, near one edge. Pull the plastic wrap up on that edge of the bacon weave and roll the meat log over the rest of the bacon so it’s completely wrapped. Tuck the ends in.

bacon weave recipes

Transfer the bacon-weave burrito to the wire rack and bake for 30 or 40 minutes, which is the difference between medium- and well-done.
Remove from oven and let the burrito rest on the wire rack for 10 minutes. Serve with your cheeseburger toppings of choice.


Thanks again to the great food minds as Thrillist!

And remember, Elvis would approve of this recipe – because here is his favorite peanut butter and banana sandwich with a bacon weave as well!


If all of this bacon makes you hungry, try one of my great bacon-wrapped recipes!

Yes, it’s a “Bacon-Wrapped, Egg Stuffed Avocado” and while it looks amazing, my attempt to make it was anything but! See videos and pictures of my effort – if you want a good laugh – by clicking here!

And if you just want something a bit more “normal”, well you can always take a doughnut, stuff it with a cheeseburger filling and glaze it with bacon!

So…would this taste good?

Of course it would and here is the recipe:

Finally, last year I did a “52 In 22” recipe challenge, and made some Tomato Gravy Catfish – topped with bacon!

Next time I make this delicious dish, I am going to weave the bacon!

See the entire recipe here:

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Enjoy your bacon wrap!

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  1. I would have to pass on the avocado as I don’t like them, but sign me up to try all the rest! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I am a bacon fan and this weave looks fabulous as a wrapping.

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