Have You Tried “Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Candy Corn?” I Did And Here’s My Review!

Dig In To A “Sweet” Thanksgiving Feast!

I know that this image has been shared around social media – many think it’s a gag, but I am here to assure you that it’s not – these “Turkey Dinner + Apple Pie And Coffee” Candy Corn are real – and they are mine!

Brach’s, the maker of the original Candy Corn treats, has come up with a way to replicate an entire Thanksgiving feast – in the tasty form of candy corn!

Here’s how the company describes their unique product!

A full course meal presented in a unique mix of candy corn flavors. BRACH’S Turkey Dinner includes all of the traditional Thanksgiving favorites. From roasted turkey, green beans and stuffing to cranberry sauce, apple pie and coffee.

An entire Thanksgiving feast in a bag!

Here’s how they look inside the bag, and for food purists, here’s the “nutritional” information as well:

Interesting that they have no fat, yet the first ingredient is sugar…and note they include sesame oil as well! I’ll address that more in a moment.

It turns out that there are six different candy corn flavors in each bag – and we are going to try them all!

Note that they are, in fact, color coded – each different color represents a different flavor, so let’s dig in!

Roasted Turkey!

This corn has a caramel base with white top. This may, in fact be where the sesame oil is used: this candy corn has a “meaty” flavor – not sweet at all, but savory and indeed, it has a strong Turkey flavor!

Green Beans

This one was easy to find – it’s all green!

As for the flavor…well, let me show you what happened next on my taste test:


The rest of the flavors were tasted on that video clip, but if you don’t need to watch me drone on and one, here’s how the rest tasted. 

For the stuffing, I had to taste this one a few times – the bag doesn’t say which are which – but this caramel base with the golden top had a “yeasty” flavor that differentiated itself from the Roast Turkey.

Cranberry Sauce

Another easy one to identify, and you know what? Delicious! It could have been a Sour Cherry or Wild Strawberry flavor: a slightly sweet, slightly tart burst of flavor…really good!

Apple Pie

This brown bottom and creamy topped candy corn was the sweetest of them all. My first reaction was the strong flavor of coconut, but then the flavor of apple came through, and even though it was pie, it wasn’t overly sweet.


This was also easy: this last course candy corn tasted like a thick, creamy cup of coffee!

There you have it: the Cranberry Sauce was truly delicious, the Coffee and Apple Pie Candy Corns were pretty tasty as well.

As for the Roast Turkey and Stuffing candy corns, they were “unique” to say the least, but they did evoke the flavor of what they purported to be – and sadly, the green bean did as well, and it was truly VILE!

I have to give credit to Brach’s for their attention to detail: even the disgusting green bean candy corn does, indeed, taste like green beans!

“We’re always innovating with trends, fun flavors and coming up with new ways to get consumers excited about the season and candy corn – which is known for being a hot topic for debate,” said Mariah Havens, director of seasonal marketing at Ferrara Candy Company.

So there you have it: my Brach’s Thanksgiving Dinner Candy Corn taste test!

Some of you have followed this blog and know that I am NOT adverse to trying crazy food mashups – like this Thanksgiving favorite:

“White Castle” Burger Stuffing!

Yes, those little mini-burgers make an incredible stuffing – no joke!

Check out the recipe here – I promise you I’ve had this several times and it is always delicious!

And what about a “bacon-wrapped” Turkey?

Click here for recipes for both!

I am also eager to try “unique” food items – like this one:

Yum, right?

Well, if you want something easier to appreciate, how about this “cheese-dipped” cheeseburger? Recipe is here!

Thanks to my son Jeff for the gift – he knew that we’d have some fun trying this out! It’s all part of my obsession with food in a can:


I found this “hamburgers in a can” ad – and can only imagine how popular these were at one point – and how quickly people learned to buy them fresh!

I am a fan of “canned food” because it is so unique in our history:


This “potted meat food product” for example – it’s “everything but the oink” from a pig, turned into a “canned food product” that you can put on crackers, I guess. Here are some of my favorite “canned foods”:

Some of you also know that I recently tried “weasel coffee” – thanks to my friend Sabrina Miller, who brought me THIS from Asia:

weasel coffee

It’s th world’s most expensive coffee, because it goes through a real live Weasel first! See more about his delicious and unique “premium Weasel product” here:

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Let me know if you’ve tried these “Thanksgiving Candy Corn”, and if not – would you?

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  1. Ah yes, I remember these intriguing sweets, John. They reminded me of Bertie Bott’s many flavoured jelly beans from Harry Potter.


  1. Have You Tried “Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Candy Corn?” I Did And Here’s My Review! — Bite! Eat! Repeat! – johnrieber

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